Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Age Group

 Beware runners in age group 45-49!  I have joined your ranks today. 

I may be slow and injury prone, but I'm HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF.

Actually, I haven't ran in a week. After testing the results of my cortisone shot, which so far are inconclusive, I became sidelined by a debilitating stomach flu.

The only aid station I am encountering is fulled with little medicine cups of Pepto Bismo.

I actually like the taste of Pepto Bismo. Things could be worse.


Redhead Running said...

Happy Birthday friend!!! Wishing you many new PR's in your new AG.

Kathee said...

I'll be jumping up to the 50 year old group here in about 4 months. Ready to kick some ass and use that AARP card! boom!

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