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"Pictures or It Didn't Happen" Marathon Fotos of New York

I took the plunge and bought the whole set of shots from MarathonFoto. You will notice that "PROOF" isn't written conspicuously across the front. The marathon photo industry is a snake eating its own tail. They wouldn't have to charge so much if more runners bought the photos, and more runners would buy the photos if they didn't have to charge so much.  It's Kafkaesque, really, to quote the great Jesse Pinkman. 

Here's a handful of shots. Posting this collection of pictures should assure me a spot in the narcissist hall of fame.
About to slap hands with a Spectator
Of course I'm happy. I'm in 21,192nd place.
Damn it! They caught me walking.

In Central Park
Ridiculously happy

Bamn! Finished!


Vaudiophile said…
Those are some really good shots. You almost had to get them, especially considering it's an out of state marathon.

I'm still waiting for later when they usually do a slight markdown to get my Detroit ones, but I must have them.
Anita said…
I am seriously cracking up as I look at your pics. I had to blown them up because the pictures look like you have huge earring in your ears. I thought "Wow, I cant believe he ran with those gauges in his ears." Then I thought I didn't think he wore those.."
My son came up to look at your pics because I was talking out loud. "NO MOM, those are his ear Buds!"
ha ha ..
Great pictures, Have you ever thought about some gauges??!
Congrats!!! and i'm also cracking up on those captions. i totally think that it was a trick of the light on that 'walking on'...clearly that is just shoddy photography. ;)

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