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Game of Thrones with A 'Friends' Style Opener

The last episode of Game of Thrones was easily the best of the season.  And while I may not be the biggest Game of Thrones geek, I'm certainly their greatest sympathizer.  The HBO series is well done, but is simply a companion to the novels which make a much richer world than can be shown on screen. It's been called the Lord of the Rings meets the sopranos.  Or, it could be called "The People's History of Westeros"

George RR Martin is a genius.  If you look at him, I'm wondering if he wasn't motivated by creating a world where someone like him could rule.  He's not necessarily going to appear on the GQ cover, so, instead of fitting his body for this world, he developed one just as rich where odd characters with smarts and wit and mad skills could rule.

I want a Game of Thrones theme park in Florida where misfits and miscreants across the world can gather.

I want my own house banner.

I want a daugher named Arya and a bastard child named Jon Snow.

I want to have Coffee with Peter Dinklage, in and out of his character Tyrion Lannister, since you can tell they are both just as cool.

I want the power to make one fictional character come to life and appear in my living room, and that character has a name, and her name is Daenerys Targaryen

Here's a hilarious clip, which you may have seen. 

The Game of Thrones set to the 'Friends' title sequence.


SupermomE13 said…
I have been listening to the audio books on my long runs and LOVE them! I am half way through book two right now. :)

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